Hoghton Tower

Yesterday was Cartmel, today was Hoghton Tower.  Another place I came across whilst researching wedding venues for BIG LOVE.  It looked pretty special and this weekend I saw they had a Farmers Market on.  

If you are looking for a place with a ‘wowsers’ entrance then this is it.  You turn into the drive, which rises up majestically to the tower.  Even on a dank day it looked quite stunning, with the beech trees lining the drive, flaming in their autumn glory. 

There was an impressive array of stalls, despite us arriving late. We came away with the most amazing looking layered pie, a cheese and onion pie, chutney and bread.  We dined on the last available burgers.  Apparently the next market is the 15th December. Before then the Snow Queen arrives.  I suspect she will be rather spectacular.