Busy Day

Some days there are so many things happening it is hard to know where to start.  Some times these are the days when nothing really seems to get done at all.

Yesterday two exciting things happened – firstly a job The Dazzler is working on, with his business DH Joinery may feature on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.  Understandably we are overly excited about this, as although we realise that we probably wont feature, their should be some recognition of his work and we are hopeful this might lead on to more work of this kind.  Failing that we are just very excited for our friends whose tiny space it is.

The announcement that this may be happening sent me into a tizz.  Yet more marketing, websites, twitter, blog and facebooking to do.  More ideas, communicating and record keeping.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love it all, but I was just finding my feet with Typical Type and now I have to do it all again for our ‘real’ business!  I’m looking forward to sharing our progress with you and hopefully you may even be able to see the results on the television one day!

The second exciting thing that happened was we decided to offer individual letters for hire too.  After I said ‘no, no, no’.  I eventually said ‘Yes’ and then my mind went a bit blank.

That’s why I’m now off to paint a letter C and E. At 8.30pm on a Tuesday night.  The joy of being self employed.




What a week.

We decided to go for it and build ‘BIG LOVE’. We are extremely proud of ourselves – they are just stunning.  Really, really, really gorgeous.  And it’s not just us who think so, even the kids were impressed.

Building them has been a nightmare ‘interesting’, to say the least.  Firstly we were let down by the people who said they could supply the lights.  Apparently saying ‘Yes, no problem, just call us’ means something different to other people.  So, after a lot of ringing around and begging we finally found Sign Connections, who really meant it when they said ‘Yes, no problem.’  The lights arrived in a big box of shiny gorgeousness, along with some advice and even some extra bulbs.  They were in the post in the blink of an eye and they are beauties.

Next, the business cards I thought I had ordered didn’t arrive.  It turns out the card I had registered was out of date.  My error.  So another crazy round of calling around, asking friends to help us with making pdf worthy art work, which is something I don’t understand.  Yet another thing to learn.  So, a couple of friends helped and we called a local printers.  They wanted to charge us almost triple the amount we were originally going to pay, err – let me think about that.  No.  Another phone call and we struck gold with absolute, who had them done the following morning for around the same cost as the on-line people.  They look fantastic and we will certainly be ordering more from them.

Now, to really test us, our car is in pieces in the garage.  So we have to find an alternative mode of transport.  Again, friends are coming to our rescue.  We feel both tested and lucky all at once.

And please don’t get me started on insurance brokers who close early on Fridays.