We went back to my parents this weekend.  I guess growing up somewhere so stunning you don’t realise how lucky I was.  Then I had kids and it all made sense.  Mx



Lessons I’ve learnt

November 2013 066 November 2013 063Today we laid lovely Linda to rest.  The service her family, friends and loved ones had prepared one of the nicest funerals I have been to.  I know how strange that sounds, but I do think there can be an element of celebration at a funeral where appropriate.  Linda was such a fun, full of life person, that it would have been wrong to remember her life in any other way than a happy way.

Her family had requested we wore Linda’s ‘colours’, pinks, purples, lilacs, blues, silver.  Arriving at the crematorium with my Lakes Alive friends it was a sight to see all the pretty colours and visual reminder of her.  The crematorium was full, with people from all walks of life, and many of her friends spoke about her with such love.  There were tears, and some small moments of laughter.  I saw her friends really come together, the passing of a tissue, the gentle squeeze on the shoulder, a hug for her youngest son from his long haired teenage friends.  Mostly I felt a sense of calm, and a real feeling that Linda had left a real legacy of love behind.

Sadly I didn’t make it to the gathering afterwards, but I have already seen a video of some balloons which were released with peoples memories and wishes.  It looked stunning.  Although I couldn’t make that part I did come away in a reflective mood. Someone said ‘Linda was the kind of person who didn’t talk about doing things.  She did them and then talked about them.’  I think that is a very good philosophy to live by.

I intend to grab life by the cahoonies and run with it.  It really is far too short not to.

To lovely Linda, you will not be forgotten.


Wedding Folk

When we decided it was time to start up Typical Type I had no idea we would end up in the world of the ‘wedding folk’ quite so quickly.  We had always intended to head in that direction, but maybe not so quickly.  We got married just over a year ago and I had really immersed myself in all things weddings before it and then nothing – well other than my imaginary ‘other 15 weddings’ on Pinterest.

I had not forgotten that it can, occasionally, be a world of cliques and crazy brides with crazier mothers.  But what I had forgotten was the fact that people can be so lovely too.  There is a real camaraderie amongst some of the suppliers, often recommending one another, knowing that the another supplier might really compliment what they have to offer.  Since we first started DJ Archer photography have been amazing.  I met Lizz when the kids were doing a styled shoot for Aspire and her youngest was there too.  She is a warm, kind person and little did I realise that when we met that day she would soon be giving me help and advice for the business.  I feel so lucky to have someone who has taken the time to help.

We have had many friends spreading the word, and people we are yet to meet, like Emma from One Lump or Two? Whom I am meeting to discuss a few ideas with this week.  People from when we got married, like the lovely Butterfly Bridal and The Midland have been really encouraging.  They have done nothing but remind us why we chose them as suppliers for our own wedding and given us the benchmark for service.

The way I see it, is the world of the ‘Wedding Folk’ is a world where each person works for themselves, but they work better together.  The rest of the world ought to take a little look at how it all comes together.



Social Media

September 2013 213 September 2013 555So here’s the thing.  When I went to school there were two rooms with computers in.  I think there were around 50 computers in total – 25 were dedicated to those who wanted to learn to touch type (Me – I could even type in French…) and 25 to those who wanted to learn about spreadsheets.  Being the lazy type I chose IT for one of my subjects at GCSE, so I learnt how to type.  But that was it.  I was the last in the class to learn how to touch type.  I was too lazy to proof read.  Weirdly I did pass more tests than most people, but that would be my mildly competitive side coming through.

I didn’t go to University until I was 23, but even then things like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter didn’t really play a part in every day life so again I missed out.  Then I fell off the radar, raising the kids and not really having a lot to do with computers.  So now I consider myself rather green on the whole social media front.  There are so many different things to think about. I’ve been on Facebook for years, but using it for business is different.  I think I am getting the hang of it now, but it takes time.  Lots of it.  this week I have managed to contact lots of hotels and wedding venues and luckily it is starting to pay off, the amazing PapaKata have said they are happy to recommend us, and we have some plans for a spectacular launch of a new word with them, so time well spent.

Then I have this blog and a whole new world of reciprocal blogging, thank you, by the way, Victoria Stott, who wrote a lovely piece about BIG LOVE.  I still don’t understand SEO and all the other letters which are involved in getting traffic to my website and blog, but I do love that someone took the time to write something nice about us!  I’m now in touch with a business advisor – he is studying for his diploma so we have 6 free hours and believe me we will work him for those hours…

Today we finally gave in and signed up for Twitter.  I have no idea how, but I hope to see you there – typicaltypeuk.  Come follow me and laugh a lot at my naivety.  Luckily there are some kind people guiding me through.   There’s always a reason why you meet the people you do.


A day off

Last week was not kind to us.  The car broke so we couldn’t transport our letters, the insurance company for the letters closed early.  The washing machine broke, the business cards didn’t arrive, I can’t tell you how many other things went wrong.  But we did it. Look how stunning they are…


And we got bookings,  The website has had lots of traffic, as has the facebook page, all of which is great.

Today we went for a walk, The Dazzler really needed a day off, he had worked long hours last week.  I was exhausted too, but sightly letter obsessed.  So, a walk refreshed us both… Mx



What a week.

We decided to go for it and build ‘BIG LOVE’. We are extremely proud of ourselves – they are just stunning.  Really, really, really gorgeous.  And it’s not just us who think so, even the kids were impressed.

Building them has been a nightmare ‘interesting’, to say the least.  Firstly we were let down by the people who said they could supply the lights.  Apparently saying ‘Yes, no problem, just call us’ means something different to other people.  So, after a lot of ringing around and begging we finally found Sign Connections, who really meant it when they said ‘Yes, no problem.’  The lights arrived in a big box of shiny gorgeousness, along with some advice and even some extra bulbs.  They were in the post in the blink of an eye and they are beauties.

Next, the business cards I thought I had ordered didn’t arrive.  It turns out the card I had registered was out of date.  My error.  So another crazy round of calling around, asking friends to help us with making pdf worthy art work, which is something I don’t understand.  Yet another thing to learn.  So, a couple of friends helped and we called a local printers.  They wanted to charge us almost triple the amount we were originally going to pay, err – let me think about that.  No.  Another phone call and we struck gold with absolute, who had them done the following morning for around the same cost as the on-line people.  They look fantastic and we will certainly be ordering more from them.

Now, to really test us, our car is in pieces in the garage.  So we have to find an alternative mode of transport.  Again, friends are coming to our rescue.  We feel both tested and lucky all at once.

And please don’t get me started on insurance brokers who close early on Fridays.



Sleep well, sweet lady

There are some people you meet in you life and you know the moment you meet them they have the kindest soul.  The kind of person you meet and they spread a little sparkle and sprinkle a lot of happiness and joy where ever they go.  That’s just the kind of lady my friend Linda was.  

I must confess, I didn’t even know Linda too well.  We worked together each year at Mintfest in Kendal, but despite hardly knowing her I thought a great deal of her .  Linda, and her dearest friend Anne, were avid fans of the festival and would give up one weekend a year to work tirelessly on it.  A shift with them was a dream, and when Linda wasn’t working she would be a willing spectator, joining in all of the fun.  In her real life Linda worked as a nurse and I can imagine no one better suited for the job.  Linda would always have an ear to lend, a shoulder to cry on, a hug on hand.  She was one of life’s finest and she will truly be missed by all those who had the honour of meeting her. Sleep well, you sweet, sweet lady.