8 Days

There are 8 days to go until Christmas and I am feeling the least christmassy I have in years.  

In an attempt to find my Christmas spirit I am writing cards today and posting them out.  I’m going in search of something to make a wreath and table decorations from.  I am buying ingredients to make something sticky, sickly and sweet to give as gifts.  I have Christmas songs on repeat.  I WILL channel my inner Mrs Santa.

I’ve even ordered some more presents, but it bugs me to admit they are from Tesco.  I wrote a while ago about trying to keep our presents from more local suppliers, but I have to say, I have really struggled.  There is a shortage of suitable gifts for the boys.  I could get some home made dolls and clothes for my daughter, but for the boys – nothing. Admittedly they want things like video games, dvd’s and cds.  There are no independent shops supplying these so I am stuck. It really shows that if we don’t use our local shops the monsters take over!  Due to financial reasons we aren’t buying for one another this year, and this is the one place I could get some items from those lovely little natty shops.  So there go my grand ideas of supporting local. Piff paff poof.

There is a local Christmas market which we can head to tonight, I hope there are plenty of stocking fillers there to ease my guilt and turn me into Mrs Claus. Or an elf, at the very least… 

Failing that, pass the champagne.





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