Those of you who know me will tell those of you who don’t that I like nothing better than to plan.  Nothing pleases me more than organising an event, a birthday, a party, a coffee with friends…  So it will come as no surprise that I have already started thinking about what I would like to achieve next year.  Who needs to wait until New Years Eve to decide on their resolutions?

In truth I was inspired by a meeting with Lizz from DJ Archer photography, who told me that she has a board on Pinterest where she keeps all her aims and desires for the year ahead.  It sounded like a logical and easy way to visualise my dreams, so I decided to have a go myself. I’m approaching 36 and until now I haven’t done this, I figured what have I got to lose? So I started by looking at the things I had ‘pinned’ over the last year or two.  There were some very clear and obvious themes – I want to get fit and fabulous.  I want a holiday and to aim towards our dream house.  I thought about Typical Type and where we would like to be at the end of next year with this and DH Joinery, our main business.  I’d like to learn more about flowers and interior design, both things I have loved for a long time and never really got around to studying.

One thing I did want to improve on is keeping in touch with friends and family.  It’s so easy to take everyone for granted, especially when you have been friends since school.  But when you are all working, with husbands and families it is hard to arrange time.  So watch out girls – I will be waving my calendar at you and making us book dates in so we can spend more quality time together.

If you want to see more about 2014 take a look here and feel free to remind me to keep striving towards them – they won’t get themselves.



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