Leighton Moss RSPB

One day at the beginning of the year we suddenly discovered there is a Waitrose in Preston.  We were impressed, and maybe a little in awe.  Eager to enter this all hallowed ‘shop for posh Southerners’ we were in a rush to get in.  I admit, we were easy targets for the RSPB sales lady,  stood in the lobby.  Yes, of course we will give you £5 per month, no, we hadn’t visited the local bird reserve before, no, we don’t know our blue tits from our great tits, well not the bird variety – now LET ME IN…

Anyway, fast forward 9 months and we have just had our second trip there.  It recently featured on BBC, as the home for their ‘Autumn Watch’ and inspired by the recording of the ‘Murmuration’ we decided it would be something spectacular to see.  The staff at the reserve are very lovely and welcoming.  The birds are plentiful.  The cake in the cafe is generous.  Some of the regular ‘twitchers’ are just rude.  Yes, my children were a little noisy and excited.  I apologise that they asked questions whilst we were in the hide. But they are children, enjoying childhood.  Remember how that felt?



The murmuration was just beautiful, next time I will remember to take a fully charged battery… 




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