Lessons I’ve learnt

November 2013 066 November 2013 063Today we laid lovely Linda to rest.  The service her family, friends and loved ones had prepared one of the nicest funerals I have been to.  I know how strange that sounds, but I do think there can be an element of celebration at a funeral where appropriate.  Linda was such a fun, full of life person, that it would have been wrong to remember her life in any other way than a happy way.

Her family had requested we wore Linda’s ‘colours’, pinks, purples, lilacs, blues, silver.  Arriving at the crematorium with my Lakes Alive friends it was a sight to see all the pretty colours and visual reminder of her.  The crematorium was full, with people from all walks of life, and many of her friends spoke about her with such love.  There were tears, and some small moments of laughter.  I saw her friends really come together, the passing of a tissue, the gentle squeeze on the shoulder, a hug for her youngest son from his long haired teenage friends.  Mostly I felt a sense of calm, and a real feeling that Linda had left a real legacy of love behind.

Sadly I didn’t make it to the gathering afterwards, but I have already seen a video of some balloons which were released with peoples memories and wishes.  It looked stunning.  Although I couldn’t make that part I did come away in a reflective mood. Someone said ‘Linda was the kind of person who didn’t talk about doing things.  She did them and then talked about them.’  I think that is a very good philosophy to live by.

I intend to grab life by the cahoonies and run with it.  It really is far too short not to.

To lovely Linda, you will not be forgotten.



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