Wedding Folk

When we decided it was time to start up Typical Type I had no idea we would end up in the world of the ‘wedding folk’ quite so quickly.  We had always intended to head in that direction, but maybe not so quickly.  We got married just over a year ago and I had really immersed myself in all things weddings before it and then nothing – well other than my imaginary ‘other 15 weddings’ on Pinterest.

I had not forgotten that it can, occasionally, be a world of cliques and crazy brides with crazier mothers.  But what I had forgotten was the fact that people can be so lovely too.  There is a real camaraderie amongst some of the suppliers, often recommending one another, knowing that the another supplier might really compliment what they have to offer.  Since we first started DJ Archer photography have been amazing.  I met Lizz when the kids were doing a styled shoot for Aspire and her youngest was there too.  She is a warm, kind person and little did I realise that when we met that day she would soon be giving me help and advice for the business.  I feel so lucky to have someone who has taken the time to help.

We have had many friends spreading the word, and people we are yet to meet, like Emma from One Lump or Two? Whom I am meeting to discuss a few ideas with this week.  People from when we got married, like the lovely Butterfly Bridal and The Midland have been really encouraging.  They have done nothing but remind us why we chose them as suppliers for our own wedding and given us the benchmark for service.

The way I see it, is the world of the ‘Wedding Folk’ is a world where each person works for themselves, but they work better together.  The rest of the world ought to take a little look at how it all comes together.




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