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September 2013 213 September 2013 555So here’s the thing.  When I went to school there were two rooms with computers in.  I think there were around 50 computers in total – 25 were dedicated to those who wanted to learn to touch type (Me – I could even type in French…) and 25 to those who wanted to learn about spreadsheets.  Being the lazy type I chose IT for one of my subjects at GCSE, so I learnt how to type.  But that was it.  I was the last in the class to learn how to touch type.  I was too lazy to proof read.  Weirdly I did pass more tests than most people, but that would be my mildly competitive side coming through.

I didn’t go to University until I was 23, but even then things like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter didn’t really play a part in every day life so again I missed out.  Then I fell off the radar, raising the kids and not really having a lot to do with computers.  So now I consider myself rather green on the whole social media front.  There are so many different things to think about. I’ve been on Facebook for years, but using it for business is different.  I think I am getting the hang of it now, but it takes time.  Lots of it.  this week I have managed to contact lots of hotels and wedding venues and luckily it is starting to pay off, the amazing PapaKata have said they are happy to recommend us, and we have some plans for a spectacular launch of a new word with them, so time well spent.

Then I have this blog and a whole new world of reciprocal blogging, thank you, by the way, Victoria Stott, who wrote a lovely piece about BIG LOVE.  I still don’t understand SEO and all the other letters which are involved in getting traffic to my website and blog, but I do love that someone took the time to write something nice about us!  I’m now in touch with a business advisor – he is studying for his diploma so we have 6 free hours and believe me we will work him for those hours…

Today we finally gave in and signed up for Twitter.  I have no idea how, but I hope to see you there – typicaltypeuk.  Come follow me and laugh a lot at my naivety.  Luckily there are some kind people guiding me through.   There’s always a reason why you meet the people you do.



4 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. A new way to introduced who you are and what your purpose in life is through social media. I also experience things in life that never expected such as social media is just for fun yet it helps a lot when it comes to business. You are a great inspiration megansees and good luck in your endeavours!

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