Sleep well, sweet lady

There are some people you meet in you life and you know the moment you meet them they have the kindest soul.  The kind of person you meet and they spread a little sparkle and sprinkle a lot of happiness and joy where ever they go.  That’s just the kind of lady my friend Linda was.  

I must confess, I didn’t even know Linda too well.  We worked together each year at Mintfest in Kendal, but despite hardly knowing her I thought a great deal of her .  Linda, and her dearest friend Anne, were avid fans of the festival and would give up one weekend a year to work tirelessly on it.  A shift with them was a dream, and when Linda wasn’t working she would be a willing spectator, joining in all of the fun.  In her real life Linda worked as a nurse and I can imagine no one better suited for the job.  Linda would always have an ear to lend, a shoulder to cry on, a hug on hand.  She was one of life’s finest and she will truly be missed by all those who had the honour of meeting her. Sleep well, you sweet, sweet lady.  





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