The 3rd Weekend in October

Not a catchy title, but some how reflective of our weekend.  You know those weekends when things seem to just be, well the third weekend, kind of ones?


This was built on Friday.  It will become our ‘BIG LOVE‘ lit letters which people can hire out.  Suddenly things have become very exciting and very, very ‘real’.

Saturday we went to Kendal to the ‘Comic Art Festival’.  There was loads of activities for the kids to do, but I must say I haven’t really changed my opinion about comics.  For some reason I look at them and all those pictures just seem like noise.  That said, the kids loved it. Maybe my opinion was marred by the fact that as we arrived the power steering decided it would stop working.  That will teach me for looking at the bank account and thinking ‘breathe’ in the morning.  Any hope we had have correcting things this week are again, out of the window.  Image

Today we had ‘meals on wheels’.  We were supposed to visit my parents for lunch, but given the car situation they brought it to us.  They brought a much needed plate of comfort.

Here’s to the 4th weekend.  Mx


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