Keeping it Local II

I’ve been doing a little more digging around and research for trying to keep my Christmas shopping ‘local’ or from independent suppliers.  Of course we have increased the range for Typical Type, including a lovely golden heart which would make a great gift or decoration if wrapped in Christmas lights.  We also received our first bit of feedback and it could not have been more lovely, which really made our day.  It also made me feel even more determined and dedicated to getting as much this year by supporting other smaller businesses.

Like just about every woman I know, I am for ever watching my weight, and no, I am not suggesting you get your girl friends a subscription to a diet group.  The reason I mention it, is as an off shoot to the group I am also a member of the book, craft and baking group where we can all show off the things we have made.  Whilst perusing it the other day I noticed a gorgeous crocheted teddy bear.  I spoke to the lady who had made it, Tracey, and she has the lovely blog where you can order one of her fabulous toys for some extremely lucky little ones.  I hope to order Farrah a small toy – she has too many soft toys, but I know she will love it.

I’ve found some lovely cards from the lovely Sheena – who did our logo – over on Etsy.  She sells cards via her store, Henry fish design – I really like her graphic designed cards, bright, simple and bold, just my kind of thing.  And with thoughts on the beautifying which we all love to do at Christmas, I would love to order some flowers from these guys.  I used them for our wedding last year and I can not recommend them higher.  They were so kind and patient with my ever changing list and tiny budget.  Ok, so you have to order lots of the same type of flower, but if you are wanting to decorate your house and give some flowers over the Christmas period this is the way to do it., whilst learning a new skill.

Lastly I have been searching out yet more amazing photographers for you! The kids were modelling for Aspire again and I realised how lucky they are having such talented ladies working there.  Both Rachel and Jenny are not only beautiful and lovely, but extraordinarily good photographers.  It wasn’t these two who were photographing the kids this time, they were posing for the Nikon magazine, a reader had won a prize to be taught by Stuart from Cooper Photography, and what a lucky reader he was.  Stuart was so good with the kids – patient, allowing them to run off steam, and only asking them to ‘pose’ for short times, that a lot of photographers could learn a thing or two.  No doubt we will be ordering a print or two!




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