Day 7

A few weeks ago my Mother in Law won a £400 shopping trolley dash to Morrisons.  Yes, apparently people do enter these things and actually win.  According to The Dazzler she has entered every week for the last 20 years, probably spending more than £400 in stamps… As she lives on her own (And keeps her cupboards and freezer well stocked) we were lucky enough to receive some washing powder, cat food and a piece of pork from her.  I know, weird combination, right? Today I cooked the pork and wanted to slow cook it, as it can be a little too strong for the fussier meat eaters Callum and Daz  in our house.  

I chopped half an onion (from yesterdays sweet potato cakes,) and the sweet potato I had peeled but not used up, then popped them in an iron casserole pot.  I chucked in a couple of carrots, about a glass of wine and some garlic. I salted the rind (We had received a boneless leg) and whacked the oven up full blast.  20 minutes later I turned the oven right down to its lowest, added a little more water, popped the lid on the casserole and left it.  For hours. And then a few more hours.  About 6 in total.  After a long time I added sliced pears and an apple, with a little more water.  For the last hour (ish) I turned the heat back up, popped some suasage’s in (My parents announced that they may come over for tea)  some carrots and parsnips in to roast and made some mash.  Oh my, it was really, really very delicious.  Autumn comfort on a plate.  

All until the casserole lid fell onto Liam’s foot.  Ouch.  There were tears – and almost mine too. Mx




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