Day 3

Like a fool I succumbed to the Autumn sunshine and went for a coffee in town.  Which led to a wander around the shops and a few wanton looks at some rather nice jumper dress type things.  Like all women I can always find something I want to buy when I have nothing to spend.  I resisted (Go me) and settled for a fig and hazelnut loaf, along with some Gruyere type cheese from Marks and Spencers.


I fried an onion and yesterdays beef, then added some water, toasted the bread, dipped it in the gravy in the pan.  Piled it all on the bread, with a sliver or two of cheese and grilled for a couple more minutes.  Add a handful of peppery salad and eat. Leftovers rock.

Dinner – turkey meatballs with pasta and allotment tomato sauce.  Not the best meal of the week, but the kids enjoyed it. Farrah decided she was going to make chocolate cakes for pudding tonight, and believe me, when she has made her mind up there is no chaning it.  Especially where chocolate is concerned.  She chose to make Nutella muffins from the Hummingbird Bakery book.  Farrah and Rory set to after tea.  I washed up, they read the recipe, weighed the ingredients and made the cakes.  When did they learn to do all that?  Who stole my babies and replaced them with these amazingly clever bunnies?  It’s funny what they can achieve if you allow them.  

So, the unexpected items bought today have pushed the budget up a little – I expect to have spent about £60 for breakfast, lunch and dinner for all 6 of us by the end of the week.  I’m pleased with that, and frankly I would spend any money to see my little ones become so independent.






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