Day 2

As promised, a report on yesterdays chickpea curry.  It went down well – the recipe needs tweaking – but a good starting point. Not convinced about the rice though. Next time I will make it with flat bread and salad.   The cake will definitely be made again

!  Image

The budget busting continued today.  My friend came over with her son – normally we would walk to town for coffee and a cake.  Today we had coffee at home, which lead to lunch.  Callum made savoury pancakes – with onion, cheese, tomato and ham.  Delicious, cheap, filling. And some batter left to make the Yorkshire puddings for tea.

Beef Brisket – a chopped onion, whole carrots sliced, stock and mustard and roasted for 2 hours, it made a great gravy too. Parsnips, roast potatoes, peas and the Yorkshire puddings.  A close eye on portions before I cooked them meant no left overs, apart from some beef (Guess whose having a beef sarnie for lunch tomorrow?!).  Pears poached in sugar syrup with a bit of root ginger and cardamom pods, served with honey and Greek yogurt.  See, I told you there would be no telling there is a small budget this week.

Luckily for us we live near an allotment.  Even luckier for us is we have the loveliest neighbour who talks to everyone.  He regularly receives gifts from the people at the allotment and in turn we get to benefit too.  This week a glut of tomatoes arrived, so I’ve made some delicious tomato sauce for tomorrow’s turkey meatballs and pasta. Yum. I’ve even made egg mayonnaise for the kids sandwiches. I’m feeling really rather like a superhero mum.  I think I’ll settle for a superhero son instead.  Mx



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