This weeks challenge


I like to set myself challenges.  Actually, scrap that, life tends to like to set me challenges.  This week I was determined that our finances would be back in order.  And then a 7 month old Npower bill (Which I stupidly chased after I had changed supplier) was deducted from my account.  So long, this weeks food budget.  There are lots of things to be said about being a stay at home Mum, and there are lots of positives about working for yourself.  But there are also a few negatives.  A cock up from the tax credit people here, a late payer there and hey presto a year of catching up follows.  It’s tough.  I know, it’s our choice, but it doesn’t make it any easier. On Sunday I woke up with that ‘not again’ feeling.  The one where you are are totally worn down with fighting fire.  The one where you REALLY can not be bothered and you want to hide under the covers until some kind soul brings you a coffee and a croissant.  Then I remembered there was little point in spending energy feeling sorry for myself, pity doesn’t pay the bills.

So, this weeks challenge, apart from keeping that grin plastered on, is a grocery challenge.  My Tesco order (Always a great way to control what we spend) came to £47.  Can I feed the family on that for the week?  Probably.  Yesterday we ate a bizarre mixture of left over curries, some rice and Chinese style pork chops.  Yep, it was ’empty the freezer day’.

Tonight it is chickpea Thai curry with coconut rice.  It’s looking pretty delicious already and has cost very little.  I might even make a couple of flat breads to go with it, so we can start to refill the freezer with left overs again.  To make up for the simple supper I have made a cake for pudding.  A ginger and apple cake with butterscotch icing.  It is gorgeous (I had to have a slice for lunch) and I can’t imagine there will be much left.  Thank you Sam Stern for that recipe, I am certain it will sweeten the kids up a bit, and they certainly wont be aware that this week is ‘super budget week’.

This week will be a challenge, but I’m never one to shirk a test.  It has made me think more creatively, look around for new ideas and think more about veggie options which the kids will like.  I have fingers crossed they will like it, despite it lacking meat, making it tantamount to food from the devil in Liam’s opinion.  Here’s the recipe, should you be interested…  I will update with photos tomorrow, and the verdict tomorrow.

It’s roast beef, vegetables and Yorkshire puddings tomorrow.  You can’t really beat a good old roast, whatever day of the week!

Feel free to share your budget plans and tips with me, there is alway so muh to learn. Mx


Mix in a bowl

175g SR flour

3-4tsp ground ginger

a pinch of cinnamon

1tsp mixed spice (I used nutmeg)

50g Soft brown sugar

Rub 50g butter in with your fingers

Add 2 eggs, 1/2tbsp treacle and 11/2tbsp syrup and beat to a batter.

Chop an eating apple, add along with crystallised ginger (I used stem ginger).

Stir in 150ml milk and 1tsp bicarb.

Pour into a loaf tin and bake at 180c

I then poured the ginger syrup which was left in the jar on whilst it cooled.

For the icing melt 75g butter and dissolve 100g brown sugar in.  Add 60ml Cream (I used milk) and stir.  When cool add 125g icing sugar.  I’ve chopped an apple and a bit of ginger to put on the top too.

Adapted from Sam Sterns recipe.


2 thoughts on “This weeks challenge

  1. Try my chicken curry recipe (on my blog) Meg. I use just two chicken breasts and bulk it out with loads of veg. Makes plenty for a large family. And as I have a small family I freeze the leftovers!

    • I will have a look. I got some meat form the local farm shop, last time I went I got 12 chicken breasts for £10! They lasted for 3 meals plus left overs. I need to stock up again. Mx

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