Head Download

One day I was talking to The Dazzler about some ideas I had.  I switched from the house, to holidays, to business ideas, the kids and then back to the house in one sentence.  We have lived together for 8 years, you would think he should be used to me by now, but no.  He looked at me like he might actually call the men in white suits and said ‘Stop, my brain can’t take all this in’.  My response? ‘You should hear the rest of what’s in there’.  Clearly this is a family problem, my sister commented on the need to download her brain the other day, it was so full.  My favourite suggestion was to get an external hard-drive.

My current external hard-drive is the business.  Typical Type has some new products, and many more waiting to find their way from my head to a real product, via The Dazzler.  My new favourite products – The circus style letters, and Champagne Love, which will hang proudly in our lounge – or maybe kitchen, or even the dining room.   I’m looking at lots of quotes – and rejecting many on the grounds that they are too twee, to make into wall plaques.  New fonts are coming and, fingers crossed, some lit letters.  A logo is within grabbing distance too.

So, now that business is ticking along, as well as DH Joinery I have my sights set on another idea.  And yes, at least another couple are tucked away in there.

Oh, to be able to focus.  I suspect I was a goldfish in a former life.





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