A day off

Last week was not kind to us.  The car broke so we couldn’t transport our letters, the insurance company for the letters closed early.  The washing machine broke, the business cards didn’t arrive, I can’t tell you how many other things went wrong.  But we did it. Look how stunning they are…


And we got bookings,  The website has had lots of traffic, as has the facebook page, all of which is great.

Today we went for a walk, The Dazzler really needed a day off, he had worked long hours last week.  I was exhausted too, but sightly letter obsessed.  So, a walk refreshed us both… Mx




What a week.

We decided to go for it and build ‘BIG LOVE’. We are extremely proud of ourselves – they are just stunning.  Really, really, really gorgeous.  And it’s not just us who think so, even the kids were impressed.

Building them has been a nightmare ‘interesting’, to say the least.  Firstly we were let down by the people who said they could supply the lights.  Apparently saying ‘Yes, no problem, just call us’ means something different to other people.  So, after a lot of ringing around and begging we finally found Sign Connections, who really meant it when they said ‘Yes, no problem.’  The lights arrived in a big box of shiny gorgeousness, along with some advice and even some extra bulbs.  They were in the post in the blink of an eye and they are beauties.

Next, the business cards I thought I had ordered didn’t arrive.  It turns out the card I had registered was out of date.  My error.  So another crazy round of calling around, asking friends to help us with making pdf worthy art work, which is something I don’t understand.  Yet another thing to learn.  So, a couple of friends helped and we called a local printers.  They wanted to charge us almost triple the amount we were originally going to pay, err – let me think about that.  No.  Another phone call and we struck gold with absolute, who had them done the following morning for around the same cost as the on-line people.  They look fantastic and we will certainly be ordering more from them.

Now, to really test us, our car is in pieces in the garage.  So we have to find an alternative mode of transport.  Again, friends are coming to our rescue.  We feel both tested and lucky all at once.

And please don’t get me started on insurance brokers who close early on Fridays.



Sleep well, sweet lady

There are some people you meet in you life and you know the moment you meet them they have the kindest soul.  The kind of person you meet and they spread a little sparkle and sprinkle a lot of happiness and joy where ever they go.  That’s just the kind of lady my friend Linda was.  

I must confess, I didn’t even know Linda too well.  We worked together each year at Mintfest in Kendal, but despite hardly knowing her I thought a great deal of her .  Linda, and her dearest friend Anne, were avid fans of the festival and would give up one weekend a year to work tirelessly on it.  A shift with them was a dream, and when Linda wasn’t working she would be a willing spectator, joining in all of the fun.  In her real life Linda worked as a nurse and I can imagine no one better suited for the job.  Linda would always have an ear to lend, a shoulder to cry on, a hug on hand.  She was one of life’s finest and she will truly be missed by all those who had the honour of meeting her. Sleep well, you sweet, sweet lady.  




The 3rd Weekend in October

Not a catchy title, but some how reflective of our weekend.  You know those weekends when things seem to just be, well the third weekend, kind of ones?


This was built on Friday.  It will become our ‘BIG LOVE‘ lit letters which people can hire out.  Suddenly things have become very exciting and very, very ‘real’.

Saturday we went to Kendal to the ‘Comic Art Festival’.  There was loads of activities for the kids to do, but I must say I haven’t really changed my opinion about comics.  For some reason I look at them and all those pictures just seem like noise.  That said, the kids loved it. Maybe my opinion was marred by the fact that as we arrived the power steering decided it would stop working.  That will teach me for looking at the bank account and thinking ‘breathe’ in the morning.  Any hope we had have correcting things this week are again, out of the window.  Image

Today we had ‘meals on wheels’.  We were supposed to visit my parents for lunch, but given the car situation they brought it to us.  They brought a much needed plate of comfort.

Here’s to the 4th weekend.  Mx

Keeping it Local II

I’ve been doing a little more digging around and research for trying to keep my Christmas shopping ‘local’ or from independent suppliers.  Of course we have increased the range for Typical Type, including a lovely golden heart which would make a great gift or decoration if wrapped in Christmas lights.  We also received our first bit of feedback and it could not have been more lovely, which really made our day.  It also made me feel even more determined and dedicated to getting as much this year by supporting other smaller businesses.

Like just about every woman I know, I am for ever watching my weight, and no, I am not suggesting you get your girl friends a subscription to a diet group.  The reason I mention it, is as an off shoot to the group I am also a member of the book, craft and baking group where we can all show off the things we have made.  Whilst perusing it the other day I noticed a gorgeous crocheted teddy bear.  I spoke to the lady who had made it, Tracey, and she has the lovely blog where you can order one of her fabulous toys for some extremely lucky little ones.  I hope to order Farrah a small toy – she has too many soft toys, but I know she will love it.

I’ve found some lovely cards from the lovely Sheena – who did our logo – over on Etsy.  She sells cards via her store, Henry fish design – I really like her graphic designed cards, bright, simple and bold, just my kind of thing.  And with thoughts on the beautifying which we all love to do at Christmas, I would love to order some flowers from these guys.  I used them for our wedding last year and I can not recommend them higher.  They were so kind and patient with my ever changing list and tiny budget.  Ok, so you have to order lots of the same type of flower, but if you are wanting to decorate your house and give some flowers over the Christmas period this is the way to do it., whilst learning a new skill.

Lastly I have been searching out yet more amazing photographers for you! The kids were modelling for Aspire again and I realised how lucky they are having such talented ladies working there.  Both Rachel and Jenny are not only beautiful and lovely, but extraordinarily good photographers.  It wasn’t these two who were photographing the kids this time, they were posing for the Nikon magazine, a reader had won a prize to be taught by Stuart from Cooper Photography, and what a lucky reader he was.  Stuart was so good with the kids – patient, allowing them to run off steam, and only asking them to ‘pose’ for short times, that a lot of photographers could learn a thing or two.  No doubt we will be ordering a print or two!



Day 7

A few weeks ago my Mother in Law won a £400 shopping trolley dash to Morrisons.  Yes, apparently people do enter these things and actually win.  According to The Dazzler she has entered every week for the last 20 years, probably spending more than £400 in stamps… As she lives on her own (And keeps her cupboards and freezer well stocked) we were lucky enough to receive some washing powder, cat food and a piece of pork from her.  I know, weird combination, right? Today I cooked the pork and wanted to slow cook it, as it can be a little too strong for the fussier meat eaters Callum and Daz  in our house.  

I chopped half an onion (from yesterdays sweet potato cakes,) and the sweet potato I had peeled but not used up, then popped them in an iron casserole pot.  I chucked in a couple of carrots, about a glass of wine and some garlic. I salted the rind (We had received a boneless leg) and whacked the oven up full blast.  20 minutes later I turned the oven right down to its lowest, added a little more water, popped the lid on the casserole and left it.  For hours. And then a few more hours.  About 6 in total.  After a long time I added sliced pears and an apple, with a little more water.  For the last hour (ish) I turned the heat back up, popped some suasage’s in (My parents announced that they may come over for tea)  some carrots and parsnips in to roast and made some mash.  Oh my, it was really, really very delicious.  Autumn comfort on a plate.  

All until the casserole lid fell onto Liam’s foot.  Ouch.  There were tears – and almost mine too. Mx



Days 4, 5 and 6

The budget didn’t go as well as I had hoped in the end.  We get ‘paid’ on Fridays, when the tax credits come in.  This week, so far, there have been no surprise bills, just the normal constant demand.  We have also sold some furniture items, along with a few sales from Typical Type, meaning the intense pressure has dropped to just a ‘squeeze’.

Day 4 – Friday – I did some more work on http://www.typicaltype.co.uk  We have a new logo and some gorgeous new products, which are proving popular.  We had curry for tea.  Shop bought, which blew the budget, but less so than a take away.  Plus, hey, it was Friday.

Day 5 – Saturday – A trip to Kendal for a surprise birthday party for my dear friend Sabina.  She is 30 weeks pregnant with child 3, tired and not wanting to do anything.  Her sister organised a small gathering in the afternoon and I think she enjoy enjoyed it.


Well, who wouldn’t like cake and presents?  We succumbed to the M and S meal deal for dinner, I can’t help think that £10 for a meal with wine is really very cheap.  We still have an apple pie in the fridge, and I didn’t need to buy any wine, so frankly I think that’s a win-win!

Day 6 – Sunday – Today has been truly lovely. Much like the us, the kids love a bit of peace and quiet over the weekend, so a lie in was had by us whilst they watched tv and hung out in their pjs. Eventually we went to Clapham, in Yorkshire. to do the nature trail.  Next time we will get there early enough for a tour in the caves, but the walk up is a perfect one for little kids. 1 and 1/4 miles up a gentle hill, a waterfall, a reservoir, a woods, a penny tree, a grotto and a cave.  Plus it’s all downhill on the way home. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Back to hot chocolate and a sweet potato cakes with yogurt. According to The Dazzler, it’s the only way to eat sweet potato, and when putting Rory to bed he said ‘I’ve had the best weekend, I wish it had lasted forever’ That’s a resounding success if ever there was one. Mx

Sweet Potato Cakes

Grate one large sweet potato with half an onion, chop 2 cloves of garlic, add some flour (Probably around 100grms, I just chucked it in) and 2 eggs.  Add some spice – paprika, tumeric, chilli, what ever suits you. Make into small cakes and fry, towards the end add a touch of cheese if you want.  In the meantime toast some bread (We used Booths organic white), mix sweet chilli sauce into Greek yogurt.  Pop some on the toast, add some salad (Peppery leaves, spicy beets and cherry toms for us), pop your cooked cakes on top and add a little more yogurt.