The Glass House, Ribchester

Whilst researching possible Christmas markets to attend and sell our products I found one at Stydd Gardens in Ribchester.  We haven’t been before, so we decided to check it out, especially when we discovered they have a cafe.  

What a lovely discovery.  Ok, so it was a hotter than normal Sunday at the end of September and the place was very, very busy.  Yes, we did have to wait for 45 minutes to get out food, but it was worth it.  The restaurant is situated in the glass houses of Stydd Gardens – with vines dripping with grapes, passion flowers and the odd small ornament dotted around.  The tables and chairs are miss-matched, but not in a contrived, mock-vintage way, but in a way that suggested they really had been collected as the place has grown in popularity.  The waitresses were polite, efficient, friendly but never in our faces and the food was just lovely.  At no point was there a sense of ‘we are busy and here is a pile of rubbish thrown on your plate’.  Despite the pressure the kitchen was clearly under the food arrived beautifully presented, generous portions, fresh and tasting lovely.  

We will be returning.  Before the 7th of December, because I have a feeling we will be bombed out during the market if today is an indication to how popular this place is. Mx





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