Manchester calling

On Friday I spent a day on my own, shopping.  Yes, you did read that right, a whole day on my own.  And I didn’t buy a thing. No, you still don’t need glasses.  I just couldn’t find anything that I really wanted, or that I was prepared to pay full price for.  It didn’t matter a jot though, it was just lovely to wander around the shops on my own.  My eyebrows are now in shape, thanks to the Benefit Babes, I’m loving the 50’s arch they do.

The reason I was in Manchester was to meet my gorgeous friend Jenny.  It was so good to catch up that we did our usual and stopped up until 4am chatting again.  She even popped out in a taxi for more wine at one point.  I mean, what were we thinking, two bottles between me, Jen and her boyfriend? Amateurs.

Earlier in the evening we went to Aritsan, Manchester.  In other posts I have talked about the importance of getting service – and the food – right.  Somehow this place missed.  It felt a little like every member of staff had come via the American academy of customer service.  We were asked repeatedly whether we were ok, if we were enjoying our food, if we wanted anything else. Ask us once.  It is sufficient.  Especially when you have to duck around the trendy, but stupidly low HUGE lamps hanging down.  I have a suggestion – raise the lampshades.  Then, should there be something I want I can catch your eye, rather than perform a contortionists act to ask for a drink.  That said. it was a really enjoyable evening.  The food was good, the place looks great, the company was just amazing. Thank you Jenny – next time we wont save it so long.  Oh, and I will try to remember to charge my phone next time.  Mx




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