Making good coffee is an art.  But it really isn’t difficult to master it.  It helps when you have a beautiful new Italian coffee pot to make it in.

Good coffee should go hand and hand with good food and good service.  It’s so depressing when you treat yourself and all you can think is ‘I could do better than this at home’.  Being a stay-at-home Mum I often pop out for coffee with friends or The Dazzler, or just as a little treat for myself.  I wont bore you with the places where I wont return to.  I will share with you a few I love though –


Priory Hall, Lancaster.  Serves Atkinsons coffee and Debbies lovely cakes.  It’s all shabby and faded minimalism.  It’s run by a couple of young lads, but the customer base is mixed – from ‘hip’ to ‘hip op’ – it doesn’t matter, as long as you love your coffee.


The Wolfhouse Kitchen, Silverdale.  What is not to love about this place? The cakes rock.  The coffee is good.  The staff are lovely.  Go for a walk to Jenny Brown’s Point and then go eat here.  You will thank me forever more.


Last, but by no means least, the best coffee I have had in a VERY long time is served here, Lovingly Artisan.  (And yes, I have been known to serve the odd one from here too!) The bread is amazing too.  Have a chat with Aidan and you will soon realise that he lives and breathes sourdough, and good coffee.  Next time you are headed to Oxenholme make sure you leave enough time to pop over and see them.  By a loaf as a gift (You will be moved to the top of the ‘best guest’ list) and make sure you take a coffee.  You will never buy one on a train again.  Ever.  Even if you are parched and in dire need of a pick me up.

Go treat yourself, life is too short to drink rubbish coffee.



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