Keeping it local.

Christmas shopping is a chore in our house.  I would like to pretend that it all skipping down snowy high streets, glittering department stores and beautifully wrapped presents, but it isn’t.  The reality is it is a military operation, starting around October and finishing on Christmas Eve.  It starts with me ordering a cd each for the kids.  Then a book.  Then a film.  By now Mr Tesco is already chuckling.  Then it starts in earnest, with each child getting a new outfit and at least one ‘must have’ item on their list.  And don’t get me started on stockings…

So, this year I’m taking a break from Mr Tescos, Toys R Us and Debenhams.  In an attempt to help support small, independent suppliers this year I would like to get most of our Christmas presents from them. You may think this is because we have just set up a second business, and you would be right, but it’s not the only reason.  It’s because I’m fed up of the mountains of plastic tat, the presents which lay lingering in their packaging, the lack of thought and personality which goes into buying a Barbie or Moshi Monster, the latest DVD or game.  I want to skip merrily along to the post office to collect my lovely parcels of happiness which have been lovingly created for me and my family.


I suspect the kids may be a bit surprised with what Father Christmas brings them this year, but I hope they will remember their presents (For the right reasons!) this year too.  I know The Dazzler will think I am mean – to him, as a child the magic of Christmas was in that enormous pile of presents, the receiving of the ‘that toy’ and now the wonder comes from watching our kids have the same experience.  But I would like it to be another way.  Granted, there wont be as many presents if we buy from smaller suppliers, think ‘pillow case’ rather than ‘bin-bag’ full of toys.  They won’t be able to go to school in January and say ‘I got the latest super-duper piece-of-plastic remake-of-a-1980’s toy from Father Christmas’ but I can live with that.  Frankly, if you ask our kids what they did yesterday I would be surprised if they remember, let alone what they got for Christmas last year.  This year they will be able to go in and say ‘ Father Christmas got me a beautiful handmade Doll, a pretty dress and some delicious sweeties. I MUST have been good’


So, where am I going to get all these goodies?  Well, to be honest I’m open to suggestion.  I know of lots of fantastic supplier already –  for great personalised prints, for friends with newborns are selling must-have Merino wool base layers.  I like the look of these guys and I’m sure at least one of these may make it’s way here  For my parents, they will get some stunning photos from the very clever  


But I still need more.  Boys things are top of the agenda – suitable for teens and a 6 year old – oh and The Dazzler.   So feel free to share and let me know your suggestions and I will share mine as I discover them.  I will let you know how it goes – whether I manage to fulfil my Christmas desire, or if I turn in despair to trusty old Mr Tesco.  I hope not.  I’m convinced there is a whole world of amazing individuality our there and I’m on a mission to find it!


Love Mxx





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